31 Oct 2007

So what's wrong with "milking it"??

"Milk it for all it's worth!" A great refrain and one a teacher should never feel guilty for uddering....uh, I mean uttering. O.k. corny joke aside, it is true there are usually two types of teachers that love to stretch a lesson or theme or activity as far as it will go: a new teacher who is accidentally inadequately prepared, and an experienced teacher who is intentionally inadequately prepared or, in other words, perfectly prepared.

As experienced teachers know, the fabulous news is that as long as your students aren't snoring and drooling on their desks, "milking it" is exactly what a good teacher should be doing! Now, exploring a lesson to its full potential does not mean desperately clinging to every last related thread but truly allowing students to learn, practice, and review practical and relevant language points. In this day of instant-everything, you and your students know that language learning is often a slooooooow journey with many dimensions.

Not tooting my own horn or anything but one favorite lesson for students and teachers is from my Function-all 1: Unit 2 "Checking Understanding". I think it's popular because students find it very relevant to their lives and it uses very practical language. I've taken that unit and created a 15-hour lesson plan that "milks it" in a fun and effective way. Below is 1) a model of the basic steps in building context and 2) a 15-hour lesson plan with the fabulous Unit 2

Check out the materials at the website and give yourself a break and your students a fantastic language journey!

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