8 Oct 2012

Pin to Learn - Learn to Pin

It's true. I joined Pinterest about a month ago. I don't know why exactly. I don't bake and, while I like traveling and shopping, I don't seem to actually get to do either very often. But something about Pinterest seems like a natural fit for education and educational materials and well, I do both of those quite often. I have my "pin it" on my toolbar and am tickled when a cool infographic or resource crosses my web-path and *poof*, I can pin it to my board! Unfortunately, I've discovered my flash-based website coughs up not a single pin and yup, you guessed it, neither does my box.com-embedded lesson download on blogger. So, without further ado, I have converted my latest lesson to jpg, just so I can pin it for your viewing pleasure.  Oh, and you probably guessed this as well: It's a Pinterest project-based lesson. Happy pinning!

p.s. You are more than welcome to print and use but if you want the original copy, just email me and ask nicely! Oh, and of course, check my pinning-progress out on Pinterest. And...I love comments, so please do.

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