12 Jun 2012

It's so Canadian, eh? though!

Oh, Daniel - you were such a great student: curious, gregarious, witty, and kind. Something always bugged me though. You would suddenly interrupt class with a shout: FIONA, YOU SAID IT AGAIN!

I didn't mind though because I knew your keen linguistic mind was at work, whittling away at grammar rules and English language patterns.

I was stymied, though, because however often I tried to explain and answer your questions, you stared back at me, mystified and suspicious that I hadn't quite told the whole story.

So, for you, my former, fabulous student. Here is the whole story. The Story of Though, Canadian-style:

Though began life as an "although", sometimes an "even though", burdened with awkward spelling and sharp competition. Though is tight with his cousins, "however", "but", "despite", "in spite of" and especially close with "that said", though the family resemblance is sometimes hard to spot on first sight. Though often prefers to be fashionably late and make a statement. I doubt he'd admit it, though. I must confess, I like Though quite a bit.

Is Though particularly Canadian?! Though I like the suggestion, I'm not so sure, and though I hear him all around me and often from me, I haven't yet seen research that substantiates such a claim. I would like that, though. I detest the tag question, eh?, which supposedly defines the "Canadian" dialect.

Though is more concession than contradiction. It's the word you can turn to when all your thoughts have been exhausted.  Though is a gentle reprimand or hopeful encouragement. If its ubiquity is courtesy of Canada, then that's just perfect.  Don't bring it up at the G20 though; they might not have a clue what you're talking about.

Though this might not clear it all up for you, Daniel, I hope you have enjoyed the story. I sincerely hope you "got it" though because I can still see your accusing bright eyes across the classroom tables.

quick reference guide for Daniel and other travellers to Canada:

though=although=even though

as in: Though/Although/Even though I like Canadians, they smell too much like maple syrup. FOCUS: Canadians are smelly

starring *though* as its wonderful self:

1. I had a great time in Tofino! We went surfing in the most incredible waves and stayed at an awesome hotel. It rained everyday though.

(hint= Though/Although/Even though Tofino was great and we surfed in the most incredible waves and stayed at an awesome hotel, it rained everyday) FOCUS: It rained. Boo.

2. Omigod! That Canadian guy was super-creepy. He talked to me all night and when his phone buzzed he didn't even check it. He's like some engineering student or something. Anyway, he blabbed on about Canada and pipelines and how important they were. He wanted to know who I voted for in the last election. As if! He was cute though.

(hint=....?) You tell me. Seriously. Write your answer below.

Is Though your friend too? Look forward to your comments.

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