9 Dec 2013

Lesson Download: All About My Family Doctor

It's me! I'm back! Oh, you weren't wondering where I've been? Ah, that's o.k. I'm tough, I'm an ESL teacher...

Actually, my teacher hat is on the hook for the foreseeable future as I wrestle my new project to the ground: Here! Magazine - a language and culture quarterly for women new to Canada. The last six months of building and launching have been inspiring and challenging as I forge new relationships in the newcomer community outside of the classroom and learn the ins and outs of the magazine world. 

One of the mandates of the magazine is to help make language and culture accessible to new Canadians; another is to build cross-cultural understanding through a mutual exchange of knowledge and experience - a two-way welcome wagon, if you will! You can learn more about the content and our vision at www.heremagazine.ca. In the meantime, here is the language lesson from the launch issue of Here! Magazine. It's yours for the classroom, private study, or wherever you need it. Enjoy!

Click here for link to pdf download

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