22 May 2015

TOP 3 Lessons on the Blog

Everyone is doing the lists these days! There's even a name for them: LISTICLES!! Seriously. Article + List = Listicle. (For a very funny article about listicles, read this: The 3 Key Types of BuzzFeed Lists To Learn Before You Die) 

Eslenglish-fiona.blogspot.ca and @eslenglish have even been nominated for a list! Bab.la's TOP 100 Language Lovers and TOP 100 Language Twitterers (or something like that). Thank you Bab.la! I will post the voting link when it is available, so you can show me some love.

In the meantime, I've done some digging on my very own blog to create my own list: TOP 3 Lessons on the Blog. These are the three lessons most often viewed and/or downloaded BY YOU, in order of awesome (click to view or download):

#1: To regret or not to regret? 

#2: All About My Family Doctor

Special Mention:

Not sure what this list might tell us about the state of ESL but glad you're enjoying the lessons! Love to hear how it's going in your classroom—please leave a comment! Off to read more fascinating listicles, like maybe "40 Things That Will Make You Feel Old" or "25 Most Awkward Cat Sleeping Positions"....


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