22 Apr 2015

Amazingly-awesome other thing I do!

Yes, it's true, I have a double life. Actually, more of a 1/4+ life, because it's eerily similar to my *real life*. Confused?! Me too! Full disclosure: not only am I a materials developer extraordinaire (?), I also design, develop, and edit a digital and print magazine for newcomers to Canada called: (wait for it...)

Here! Magazine

Lucky you, reader, teacher, learner, friend—we have just launched our first fully-interactive digital edition! And here it is:

and if the iframe doesn't work, click this image:

This is a special edition celebrating newcomer entrepreneurs. Our regular issues include ESL lessons, Canadian Literature excerpts (with audio from the authors!), and citizenship and history quizzes! Check out www.heremagazine.ca to access all resources!  

p.s. some of the lessons are here on the blog under the tab "Here! Magazine!"

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