13 Aug 2015

Lesson Download: Digging In On The Urban Farm

Well, delicious fresh food doesn't exactly grow from the palm of your hand, but your hands are most definitely involved! Lucky me got to spend an afternoon with word mentor and urban farmer Tracey Cook to learn some of the basics of urban farming—a.k.a growing fruits and vegetables and sometimes raising chickens, bees... 

Tracey impressed upon me the importance of composting and creating nutrient-rich soil, so I thought I'd focus part of the lesson on composting (p.s. I made that compost visual all my myself!). Word mentors like Tracey help me build authentic lessons that are hopefully also fun and useful! Love to hear what you think about this newest addition to the Here! Magazine "Learn Here" collection. Click image to view, print, or download lesson. Read the article here and read the rest of the wonderful Summer Issue here!

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