22 Jan 2013

Lesson Download: to regret or not to regret?

The new year is well upon us but you may still be looking back on 2012 and wishing: if only... 

Or you might be casting back to just last week and eyeing the tattered shreds of your short-lived 2013 resolutions. No matter, regret isn't just for Lance Armstrong (?), it's a chance for all of us to alternately hang our heads and shrug our shoulders when things have gone a little pear-shaped. 

Here's a fun and serious exploration of the language we use to express regret or perhaps a lack thereof.  Which will it be for you today?

Feel free to download, print, share, or make paper airplanes with this great ESL lesson for intermediate-advanced young adult/adult students. The Teacher Guide with extra activities and tips is here too!

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