10 Feb 2013

All about my friends

So it's that day again. It's the Anti-White Day. Or the who-the-heck-is-Sadie-Hawkins Day. It's HEART day or pink-&-red-shirt day. It's I-wish-he-would-call-me-day or let's-go-have-fun-regardless day. Ok, it's also the day my husband proposed to me on an impromptu night away, rustling through his bag for a hidden ruby & diamond ring before asking me to never leave his side.  He confessed later: "I didn't want it to be on such a predictable day but it just seemed right". There was nothing predictable about his proposal and there hasn't been much predictable since.

Whatever love is in your life this St. Valentine's Day, 2013, there is always the love of our friends, be they our BFFs or partners-in-life. Or if we're lucky, both. Here's a Valentine lesson discussing and celebrating the many types of friendship. All from my words for women & girls, Serious Girl Talk Series. I know, totally awesome. You're welcome. Oh wait, and I stuck some of it on Pinterest too. Don't say I don't love you.

For ESL, intermediate +, reading, writing, grammar, speaking, pronunciation. Great quotations & stimulating discussion. My Valentine to you - hard-working teachers & learners.
And here's the issuu version for you ipadders:

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